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Spoke & Stringer's new spring menu

Spoke & Stringer's new spring menu

Independent restaurant, deli and retailer, Spoke & Stringer have launched their new menu filled with ethically grown and sustainably sourced ingredients for spring.

In a bold move, the Bristol based restaurant will be removing avocado from the menu to continue its commitment to the environment. Whilst the fruit is in season from October – February in Europe, avocado will be removed from the menu at the end of the month for the rest of the year to reduce the impact of importing the ingredient from further afield.

Instead, the restaurant is introducing an avocado alternative dish of protein packed poached eggs and lime smashed peas. The delicious dish is served with toasted sourdough and mixed leaves, as well as the restaurant’s own fresh pesto sauce. The avocado alternative also features on the newly launched Whiteladies road evening menu with quesadillas, named ‘no avo guac’.

The conscious decision to remove avocados has been part of the restaurants move to continue its commitment keep their menu ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. The ever-increasing popularity of avocados in recent years has seen the imports of the fruit from Mexico skyrocket, leading to an increase in organised crime targeting avocado farmers, a strain on local water resources, as well as a huge increase on their carbon footprint as they are imported from further afield.

Jackfruit is another sustainable ingredient that is new to the menu. Kristian Crews, founder of Spoke & Stringer said: “Jackfruit was added to our menu as it is good for the planet because it requires no artificial irrigation, pesticides or herbicides to thrive. It is an easy fruit to grow and a great high-yield crop for farmers.

“Jackfruit is a fantastic addition for us – as well as being a year-round sustainable ingredient it also brings a versatile flavour, full of fibre and important nutrients to our menu – and it’s vegan. A few examples of how we serve it at the moment include ‘Jackfruit & Seasonal Greens Quesadillas’ and also ‘Jacks Tacos’ – blue corn tortillas with mango salsa, tomato salsa, mixed leaves, lime-smashed peas, black beans and a choice of homemade smoky chipotle or house BBQ sauce.”

At the epicentre of Spoke & Stringer’s menu is a focus on nutritionally rich ingredients, that will fuel your day. Greens have always featured on the brunch and lunch dishes and on the new menu these will all vary and be selected seasonally from local producers. Spring is the season for chicory, spring greens and watercress which all feature on the new menu. The Bristol restaurant is also continuing to work with local producers and suppliers such as De Gusta, El Colmado, Hobbs House Bakery, Origin Butchers and The Good Egg Company.

The team at Spoke & Stringer now runs a restaurant, deli and lifestyle apparel shop on Bristol’s Harbour and a combined deli, restaurant and shop at Clifton Down. The menus and product collections are carefully curated to help customers fuel their lifestyles, lift spirits and escape from the daily grind.

For further information on opening hours for Spoke & Stringer or to view the new menu visit www.spokeandstringer.com.

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